Early winter poetry

it's seven fifteen on a weekday in late november. I'm on my daily ride to my office in the central district Mitte. The atmosphere has changed. The autumn eventually has gone, has taken all bright colours with him. The city looks grey and washed out, especially now at sunrise. that's what you call the winter season.

The Friedrichstraße is almost empty. The only signs of life are flashing red lights, it comes to my mind. They are changing their colors just for fun as long as the cars are absent.

But then all of a sudden a voice comes from the right hand side:

„Are you daydreaming or what?“

I already had passed the speaker, so I had to turn my head, which took a while because of the huge shawl around my neck, and for Christ's sake I automatically pulled the brakes – else I would have crashed into one of the parking cars, that's for sure! Because what I saw when I turned my head made my blood freeze:

i was just passing a huge department store with large shopping windows. And in one window was a hole and through that hole, about 20 cm in diameter, peeped out the head of a – polar bear, who had talked to me!

I slways used to laugh when people in movies nearly fainted when they saw a ghost. I take it back, every single laughter and apologize for my behavior: For I moment a part of me seriously considered fainting as an appropriate way to deal with this situation, but in the end did not. At least I stopped, and I'm not lying to you when I confess that my knees were shaking! And they kept on doing so until the polar bear spoke again:

„Leave the display dummy on the sidewalk and hand me another best, will ye?“

I looked around wondering what he was talking about, and the I discovered the two guys loading decoration items from a truck. the bear wasn't alive and he couldn't talk either. I was the latter fact that made me sigh and feel relieved – for s moment, I had figured out that I might end up in a mental hospital this day.

It must have been no more than two or three minutes that I intercepted my ride, but when I rstarted, I realized that the number of cars had risen extremely. Even the traffic lights seemed to flash more seriously now and i already was very close to my office. Night was definitely over, and so was the time for bad dreams as well as for play. A normal weekday in Berlin, boring and sober. At least it's better for my blood pressure.

The fog was unusually thick on that particular morning short before dawn. Sometimes the humidity is so high that you literally can smell and even hear it. Although in the center of a city you couldn't see houses or people or anything, except for that long wall, crowned by a long row of varying neo gothic Zinnen and roof tops with blackened crosses, pointing to the dark grey sky. Birches were leaning across the wall like tired, tired of following the rule of changing the season. They were full of leaves. They would shimmer in a warm orange tone during daytime, but it was still night at this abandoned place, which turned out to be – you sure guessed it it – a cemetry.

In fact I knew it quite well and had visited the graves once or twice – at daytime. Now at night I never ever would set a foot into it, not even at gunpoint. If that huge door right iin the middle which I am approaching now would open up that would make me faint!, I thought as I was passing it and you knoww what? It did. Just as I was about to pass it, it started to creek and squeek

As usual I'm a little tired and close to a dream. All of a sudden it“s like shivers down my spine, as I pass the entrance of a department store: I've just seen a polar bear looking out a shop window and talk to me!

„Are you daydreaming or what?“

Being an experienced cyclist I manage not to crash, but I need to stop for a moment, until my heartbeat will return to normal. I'm afraid to look back… Yes, there is apolar bear, looking out of the window! A group of unashamed naked display dummies. And now I notice the truck and the two guys unnloading the new decorstion for the shop window.

„Hand me another beast, will ye?“

A huge truck in front of the noble department stores with flashin yellow lights catches my eye. One of the glass fronts is open and – an ice bear is looking out, his head above the sidewalk. Two guys are carrying something.

“Hand me one of those beasts, will ye?”

“Hey are you daydreaming?”

A young girl at the hand of her father, the father is in a hurry, the girl isn’t. Maybe they’re late for school.

“Look”, the girl says and points to the sky. The morning sun has painted the clouds in incredible colours.

Now even the busy father stops. “And on Sunday, we’re gonna light the first candle, right?”

Dr. Uwe Zimmer
Psychologe Abteilung Neurologie

ZAR Zentrum für ambulante
Rehabilitation Neurologie GmbH in Berlin
Gartenstraße 5
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Tel. (030) 28 51 84 – 180
Fax (030) 28 51 84 – 350


Registergericht: Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg HRB 101546 B
Geschäftsführer: Ursula Mootz, Dietrich Pertschy
Ein Unternehmen der Helmut Nanz-Stiftung



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