Learning for  Life – non scolae sed vitae discimus

“My son is so unhappy with his school “, a mother complains. “He’s in thr eighth grade and it’s so boring he says.”

Kreuzberg is changing, and so is school life. The trouble starts after the elementary school,  in the seventh grade.
Parents have to choose whether to send their kids to the high profile Gymnasium or a normal Secondary school. 

“My son is smart”, she continues. “But at the Gymnasium the demands are extremely high. I know he wouldn’t stand this stress. We heard about the school he visits now and everybody was like Oh it has such a good reputation and you  can get the highest graduation there as well and stuff. Bullshit. Either you make it to a Gymnasium or you’re doomed!”

The seventh up to the tenth grade the kids are together in one class,  irrespective of their performance level. The tasks they’re working at differ,  but it’s noisy and no one can concentrate. In order to get at the same level as the Gymnasium kids, those are who run for the Abitur have to learn it all in the eleventh, twelfth and  thirteenth grade. 

“So they get used to an easy life first and then they cannot cope with the high level”, she says. “It’s not about intelligence. You manage to put your kids into rhe first line in elementary school or they are out of the race. “


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