Hi everybody!

This BLOG is about REAL life in the Berlin borough Kreuzberg 61.

After a reconstruction of Berlin’s administrative structure, Kreuzberg is part of the new district “Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg”. The number 61 refers to the old postal Zip Code of western Kreuzberg, 36 addressed the eastern part. One major characteristic of Berlin is the different character of it’s boroughs, or even of smaller areas, called “Kiez” (pronounced “Keets”). Same goes for Kreuzberg with its more moderate western part (61) and the “wilder” eastern part (36). If you now assume that it’s gonna be boring to read about the moderate “Kiez” – no way! It’s still special and it’s still unique. Checking my Blog on a regular basis is highliy recommended!

Kreuzberg has become very popular among tourists from all over the world – very welcome! Most of the visitors seem to be very enthusiastic about the atmosphere, the architecture, the people – so am I, from the day I moved here in 1997. Since writing is one of my passions (the other ones are photography, fine arts and music) I always planned to BLOG about Kreuzberg – in English, to reach a greater audience. I’m not a native English speaker and, having a day time job as a psychologist, I have a limited amount of time to share between my time consuming passions. I apologize for all the mistakes in my posts (feel free to correct me via comments!), I usually write them down without looking too much into dictionnaries.

The main objective of my BLOG is to deliver informations about everyday life is like, the developments “behind the scenes”, informations that go beyond a normal tourist travel guide.

Fact is: The uniqueness of Kreuzberg is waning, it’s becoming “too normal”. A development, many local residents are rising up against. I would like you to join us, to help us maintain the specific open minded, multicultural, multicoloured and easy going atmosphere of Kreuzberg!


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